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The SSA reports that only approximately 26% of first time applicants are approved for disability benefits.

Hiring us as your lawyer significantly increases your chances of being awarded disability benefits at no out-of-pocket cost to you.

Benefits you may be entitled to:

  • Up to $2,639/month in income benefits
  • Lump sum back payment benefits
  • No out-of-pocket cost. We cover upfront medical records, doctor reports, postage, etc.
  • Health insurance (Medicare, Medicaid or Both)

What our clients are saying:

  • “I was so surprised and grateful when my Social Security Disability was approved in a short five months. Thank you for helping me in such a time of need in my life, I now am receiving proper medical care and financial support I so desperately need.”

    Lenore I.
  • “I couldn’t work, play with my kids, or attend school functions. My life, I thought, was over. Denied twice already. Now, that’s all changed and I’m happy again. I can smile, breathe, love, live again. I have freedom and now security to see me through this disability and enjoy life. All because of one phone call to Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin 100%. Would Recommend to a Friend.”

    Jerome D.
  • “Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin are knowledgeable and take care of all of the paperwork involved in your case. Our case seemed like a no brainer, but I do not believe we could have resolved it favorably without their assistance. Thank you to all of their staff.”

    Jane Waldroup
  • “Filing for disability was so easy with them when I felt like I wasn’t able to do it alone. They handled everything and won my case hands down. I could barely walk and the attorney they sent was so caring and helpful. I have recommended them to many of my friends.”

    Christy F.
  • “I used this Law Firm for my disability case from the beginning. I was about to be homeless due to no income coming in. They got my case expedited and I won!! It took me a little over a year to win my disability case. I highly recommend this Law Firm to be used for representation!!”

    Lisa Marie Fox
  • “I was very pleased with the representation from my attorney. They were very knowledgeable about appealing social security decisions. I am very happy with the approval decision that I received on my appeal case.”

    Frances Hunter
  • “The best social security lawyers in the country!! They got my claim fast! After being denied twice.”

    Teresa Hilton
  • “I would recommend this firm to everyone! They all worked together and got my file ready for court, they listened to me vent and cry, they were very supportive in my decisions, and they kept in touch throughout the whole process. My attorney was awesome, after coming out of a hearing that lasted longer than expected and my hearing starting almost an hour late, he stayed calm and collected and got me and approval before we ever left the courtroom! You guys rock!!!”

    Renee Gardner-Brown

See if you Qualify

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