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Benefits if you qualify:

  • Avoid Disability Application Rejections
  • Improve Your Chance of Winning
  • Maximize Your Monthly Disability Payments
  • Pay Nothing Out-of-Pocket If You Qualify

You may be eligible to receive up to $3,011/month in Social Security Disability Benefits. (If you qualify, apply with help from the top-rated disability lawyers. Pay nothing unless your claim is won)

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Reasons to Hire Disability Benefits Lawyer

  • The SSA reports that only about 26% of first-time applicants are approved for disability benefits.
  • Only approximately 13% of denied claims win their disability appeals.
  • Experienced disability lawyer significantly increases your chance of winning.
  • The paperwork can be complicated, and you’ll be assigned a case manager to help you through it.
  • Pay nothing out-of-pocket. You don’t pay unless you win your claim.

Your Potential Benefits:

  • Up to $3,011/month in income benefits
  • Lump sum back payment benefits
  • Zero out-of-pocket costs. We cover upfront medical records, doctor reports, postage, etc.
  • Health insurance (Medicare, Medicaid or Both)
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